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The challenge facing today every industrial plant, public and private is greater efficiency, excellent quality and especially competitive, at this and taking into account the current economic situation, PYCSE is proud to be one of the few companies with based specialists capable of developing electrical, new, additions, modifications, improvements, maintenance of electrical substations, electrical maintenance, preventive or corrective facilities and urgent character.

Our professionals have extensive experience in projects such as power substations, high, extra-high and medium voltage (13.2, 35, 34.5, 69, 115, 230, 400 kV)

We have expertise in both cabinet work (project, planning, strategy and programming.) And in the field, developing supervisory work, control works, erection, testing and commissioning of power substations and industrial plants.

We are dedicated to providing services in the electrical field, initiating activities, January 29, 2003, and the TECSA extinct in the year 1990.